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How To Keep Your Tesla Clean Throughout All Louisville Seasons

Detailing is a simple way to keep your Tesla looking and feeling like new. As most of us know, keeping your Tesla clean is not as easy as driving it into the car wash for a quick wash. We understand that people spend a lot of time maintaining their cars, or in Tesla case, the owner simply wants to keep it looking good from the day they get it. Because we understand this, we offer many levels of detailing services including full clay bar decontamination and paint correction as well as interior steam cleaning and leather conditioning. Clients can book single detail appointments or monthly recurring ones. 

Tesla’s look like they never get dirty, but they absolutely do. We understand this and can help you keep it that way. Lindsay and Lindsay Auto Detailing is a qualified and helpful company that can take care of your Tesla with the right combination of interior and exterior vehicle detailing packages and preventative formulas that will help your ride stay clean longer. With us, there really is no comparison found elsewhere.

When you have a Tesla, it needs to be cleaned accordingly. You can’t just get it dirty and then scrub it yourself with a public wash or store bought cleaning products like everyone else. That would cause irreparable damage to your vehicle and its value! Instead, trust Lindsay and Lindsay Auto Detailing with your Tesla’s detailing needs. We use soft touch equipment that won’t leave residue behind on your paintwork or glass surfaces, and we know how to properly clean a vehicle that has been exposed to hazardous chemicals.

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Complete Vehicle Detailing Benefits

Expert Wash of All Exterior Surfaces

Our professional exterior detailing packages are safer than public car washes and ensure that your Tesla is thoroughly cleaned from the top down. Our expert vehicle detailing team knows exactly what it takes by way of hand washing and clay-bar decontamination.

Restoration and Sanitization of Interior Areas

We are certain that it pains all Tesla owners when they first notice their automobile starting to lose its luster, especially on the inside. However, that new car smell is not gone forever, just masked by years of stain buildup, grime, and allergens. Our interior vehicle detailing process not only cleans and sanitizes, but utilizes methodologies that restore your Tesla’s interior integrity.

Tesla-Safe Detailing Products Handled By Industry Pros

Our group at Lindsay and Lindsay Auto Detailing are all dedicated to always better serving our customers, especially our valued Tesla owners. It is our goal to offer the safest detailing services possible no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Whether you're interested in having your Tesla detailed, or any other make or model, trust us here at Lindsay and Lindsay Auto Detailing.

Maintain The Best Look For Your Tesla With Vehicle Detailing At Lindsay and Lindsay Auto Detailing!

We look forward to meeting with you at Lindsay and Lindsay Auto Detailing for your vehicle detailing needs. We take pride in providing you with the best possible service and overall experience. Whether we are performing interior, exterior, or combination vehicle detailing services on your Tesla automobile, our expertly trained detail professionals will never stop working until the job is done right the first time.