Protective Ceramic Coating Packages For Tesla Louisville, KY

Ceramic Coatings for Tesla

Ceramic Coat Your Tesla To Help It Retain Its Value

Tesla Model S and Model X owners are more likely than ever to want to keep their vehicles looking as sleek and powerful as possible. This is why Tesla owners should consider ceramic coating for parts such as the door handles, spoilers, and wheels, among others.

Ceramic coating is the fastest, most effective way to protect your Tesla from extreme weather conditions. It is also highly scratch resistant and protects your vehicle from the inevitable dings and bumps that sneak up on us all.

Come to Lindsay and Lindsay Auto Detailing to add a Ceramic Coating to your Tesla. We have an exclusive team of specialists that work solely with Tesla automobiles. The ceramic coating will not only help keep your car protected, but it helps increase and retain its value for years. 

Tesla Ceramic Coating Louisville
tesla ceramic coatings

Tesla Ceramic Coating Benefits

Maintain The Exterior Better

Many who purchase a Tesla for the first time see it as a prized possession due to its uniqueness in the automotive industry. A XPEL Ceramic Coating package from us here at Lindsay and Lindsay Auto Detailing will help preserve that sanctity across your entire exterior, keeping those surfaces fresh for years with minimal maintenance.

Prevent Stains From Happening

Your Tesla may be your pride and joy, but let’s face it: You still need to DRIVE it. That is its purpose, after all. While you drive, environmental and chemical contaminants do come in contact with its exterior, running the risk of paint stains and degradation. Our ceramic coating formulas harden into a deep hydrophobic surface, repelling all contaminants and keeping them away from your original paintwork.

Exponential Shine On Exterior Surfaces

Tesla uses special paint that really shows off its sleek, unique automobile design; however, a ceramic coating can take it a step further. Using comprehensive nanotechnology that bonds securely and evenly with all surfaces it is applied to, our XPEL Ceramic Coating packages are all known for enhancing the depth of your paintwork, which in turn increases the already exceptional value of your Tesla vehicle.

Experience The Best In Hydrophobic Paint Protection For Your Tesla

When you’re looking to provide maximum protection for your Tesla, ceramic coatings are the best protection in the industry. Contact our team at Lindsay and Lindsay Auto Detailing of Louisville, KY to learn more about XPEL Ceramic Coating and why it is the perfect choice for your Tesla.